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Qudra Strategy is a working group licensed in Bahrain.

Qudra Strategy works to enable individuals and organizations in the Middle East towards solving complex social problems through Capacity Building, knowledge platforms, consultancy solutions and researching within the following areas:
  • Social Innovation.
  • Impact Investing.
  • Social Impact Analysis.
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When designing solutions, we take into consideration turning the idea into an innovation commensurate with human existing or emergent needs through:

The Companies

SABR Business Design

An independent research center which specializes in providing advisory solutions in analytics, for the social sector, the business sector, the media sector, and the education sector. Sabr designs its advisory solutions based on a combination of expertise that is based on successful experiences with our clients in the Arab region, and advanced analytics which offers a scientific diagnosis of the case, and scientifically forecasts results.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Measuring Social Impact
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN)


Monitoring and Evaluation Summit


A Talk about Social Innovation

Local Councils

Electronic surveys.

Social Return on Investment in Media.

The Initiatives

Social Return is a scientific initiative empowered by SABR Consulting, that seeks to help organizations maximize their impact and social value of their programs, by empowering them to use Social Return methodology and tools efficiently. This initiative provides:
  • Training materials and books
  • Technology solutions (Social Return Web App)
  • Social Return Magazine
  • "Practitioner in Social Return" Certificate
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An integrated program which contains a range of training and educational activities to qualify Adults, teens, and kids, in order to develop basic skills that qualify them to lead the different aspects of their lives in accordance with the standards of the 21st century.
This initiative depends on the series of “Building Everyday Leadership For Teen/ Kids” By free spirit publishing, which we have their Arabic Version Copyrights.

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An initiative that aims to spread the culture of Social Innovation in the Arab world, and to enable society’s institutions and individuals to understand transformations, identify challenges, design viable solutions, and help take decisions in relation to those solutions.
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Our Partners

Our Clients

Key People

Mohamed Alansari

  • Co-founder and CEO of Qudra Strategy.
  • A CEO of Arab Youth-In Initiative.
  • A Consultant of volunteer and social work in humanitarian funds in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
  • The founder and Director of Future Center for Youth Research & Development.
  • A trainer and consultant for many organizations and institutions working in community leadership.
  • Bahrain’s national representative of IAVE.

Ghiath Hawari

  • Co-founder of Qudra Strategy. He is also a Co-founder of Horizon Learning - UK.
  • Currently, he is working to establish a research center on the humanitarian work, in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
  • A certified trainer from ExperiencePoint, IDEO for (Design Thinker Simulation).
  • A trainer and consultant in the field of social innovation.
  • A consultant in leadership, management, and strategy on the Arab and regional level.
  • The head of Kudra Society, which works in the humanitarian field.


Address Information

Dr. Maen Altengi: SABR Business Design, Chief Analytics Officer.[email protected]

Kinda Almeamar: QUDRA Strategy, Innovation Director.[email protected]


(+97) 33-96-74-671
(+90) 53-48-47-611
(+96) 59-76-68-544


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